September 11, 2009

Cash Google in Your City-Google Franchise

In this fast growing world of the internet every body is going to earn some thing. Mostly the young generation is very eager to earn. Easily and with out doing any thing harsh and hard. So here I have a idea came into my mind that why you should not try to CASH GOOGLE in your city or if it is impossible so try to do it in your nearby areas. The Question arises how to CASH GOOGLE?
Here are the tips:
1. Make your friends community and try to convince the people who uses internet and guide them about google adsense.
2. It is not very difficult to do, because you will have a lot of your friends and I m sure that every one will know about google adsens.
3. So motivate your friends and also others. Who are convinced by your briefing about Adsense.
4. When they agree so you should make a blogspot for them and tell them that you will have to do some work on your blog for a few hours.
5. Then apply to adsense for them and put the google ads on their blogspot site.
6. The whole talking I was going to the certain aim. That you will get paid from them for this work.(making blog & for google ads)
7. So you should take money from them. But a reasonable price not in$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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