September 12, 2009

Enhance Your Title Tags. Title Bars....HetroWeb

Most of the site owners makes their websites and put same big big mistake with their headings title etc. here i m gonna show you that how can you use the title tags of the you blog/ we goTitle tags are very important issue in the SEO of your site. so please try to make your site's title and heading enhance. i will advice you that you should use your most commonly used keywords. i.e your site's name , your name etc may be your strong keywords than any other keyword.
Most of the people uses "Hello, Welcome, Hi, Hey etc etc in their heading tags and titles. so your fist step is remove this kind of Words from your site.Because when you are using these keywords so there are alot of the site who already uses these kind of words so why you r doing.I want to show the main points in Steps it will make you easy.
  • Use Unique Keyword
  • Use Your Site's Name in Every Page's title
  • Use Your Name in Every Title
  • Also in Your Body Text somewhere but Not Spamming.
  • Try to Google your site Using Your Title Tags. e.g "Enhance your title tags by hetroweb"
  • Be Creative while naming your Any page/Artical's Title
So above are the main points which you may use for naming your titles Hope that you will get some idea from it. Your site's Popularity and SEO etc will be improve by Using my Adviced Method. Try to Achive it.
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