September 7, 2009

Few Basic Step for FeedBurners!!!!

Dear Visitor,

There is no separate feeds ad for adsense, you can link between and adsense for your better earning via feeds.

Pls do the steps properly....

1. get feed url which is matching with your content... example, if your blog relating to online jobs, take that one...

if you cannot get this... find a better traffic page url - go to paste it, this will generate a feed url for you,

2. go to type your adsense user name and password

3. paste the url in the space provided. click next till the main page comes,

4. you can see above customize, publicize, optimze, monetize etc

5. publizice link - left side click the link and give activate - example - 'smart feed"

6. come to pubilcize create a header animator ( fix the size 434+somthing ) or 234+something) black or white

7. Click activate below... above you can see a red + mark and right side there will be a drop down box

8. select blogger - a new window will open - click off the tick mark in the check box

9. click the button

10. near window - blogger page will open - click widget

11. that's it - sign out.

12. go to your adsense account - setup - adsense for feeds

13. you will see the feed url which you pasted in feed url( the heading will be there)

14. click save.

15. Now go to your bloggers layout page.... re arragne the box where is to be fixed

16. Then click the widget( which is inserted by you via feed burner) after 15-30 minutes

17. You will see adsense are running below every post in the feed url.....

18. Gradually the impression will be increased and clicks also

19. Do it properly

20. Earn at least $10.00 per day by feeds only...


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