September 10, 2009

Getting Traffic To Your Site!!!

In today’s growing global village(Internet) peoples i.e the people who uses internet they surf and downloads any data accourding to their need. In global village there are 60% people who wish to have their own site. There are a lot of free opensource softwares, editore etc. which makes it easy for you.
Whenever you make site the most important thing you will think about your site’s traffic. For this purpose you will publicize your self and advertizing etc. I may help you.
Just follow the below Steps which may lead you to your destiny
1: Submit URL to Major Search Engines:
Submit you site’s url to the major search engines I,e GOOGLE, YAHOO, ASK, DOGPHILE. Etc
You will be get listed with in 1 week.(Trust me)
2: Link Exchanging:
Try to maintain your site’s niche so according to this you will be able to apply for any link exchanging site for exchanging a link with you.
You should exchange your link with those who has the content related to your site’s.
e.g let you have a site and you share the Rapidshare’s content. So go to it is best place for starting your site’s Traffic.
3: Directories listing/ List site for Free:
The next tip/step is that you should have to list your site in the major free directories according to your Content. Choose the most appropriate Category
And add your site to that category. You will get a lot of the Traffic from directories. Few Directories and link providers are given below
sorry try to make a search in google if one of the link is not working.
4: Forums:
Try to make a post in the forum, answer the people who want to know the answer of their question . and in the last of the post when you reply them so make your signature like
Article posted by “Faizan Khan” site:
So this way your post will be viewed and people will come to your site.



  1. Your post on increasing traffic to the site is absolutly brilliant.

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