September 20, 2009

God of Traffic...Google Wonder Wheel

The post which im going to write is about those who really needs the traffic and they want to popularize theirselves and Blog. so here i will guide you about the Strategy of the Google Wonder Wheel.

What is the Google Wonder Wheel?
So here i will tell you that it is very very nice tools for you and you had never used it M i Right??
the google Wonder wheel provide the relevant stuff about the Search that you have entered. it then gives you the result about your search phrases. so it is so nice.....that is the point which i want to convey to you all.
Let me Explain:
If you want that your blog become a well know and popular every where i.e in the most major search engines so here the Google Wonder wheel will help you alot. because it is that kind of tool which gives you the idea about the desired search needed. so by using this you can enhance the visibility and ranking etc of your blog.
it is going very well and many of the bloggers are getting the advantage of this why should,nt you?
ok now i will tell the Strategy of the Google wonder wheel.
How it Can Help You/Bloggers?
Ok so here we go the google wonder wheel help you in way that you search for the specific thing that you want the result about it, and then you wana post it with some of the modification and enhancing and making it easier for the users. so Go a head and search for anything that you want but with words "Google Wonder Wheel". so then at the left side of the select the Wonder wheel tab and then a Rounded Wheel will come and there it will show the search terms related the your search phrase so try to search about them and make a good post and the post it to your Blog. so this way it will give a good result to you blog because when your blog has the related stuff about any content so it will be pleasure for the visitors and will like to surf a more time on your blog and your impression.....etc will be try it..and enjoy.
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