September 12, 2009

Google Ads Link Exchangers.......Hetroweb.Blogspot.Com

You all will be shocked that wow who are the google ads link exchangers. There i will sketch out the people who thinks to cheat google and exchange link. so in the internet world . their are alot of users who are newer to Google Adsense. And they have just heard about the "CLICK & EARN" methodology, and they start the clicking at the google ads provided to them. which is not fair.! so these type of peoples are called Goolge Ads Exchangers.
On the other hand they exchange their google ads links with eachother and start earning from google but they dont know that Google is Father of Internet. and Google has the Controll over Every Click made and  they tracks every thing.Google Analyse every thing.
  • Google tracks
  • from where the visitor come
  • from which content he has come
  • what was his bounce rate
  • what was his page impressions at site
  • at which ads he clicked
  • was it useful for him or not
  • etc etc.........
so above are the factors which google tracks and find out the Google link Exchangers.and this may cause you to get disabled from Google. ..........
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  1. hahhhahaha man u have unmasked those who realy do like this as you tolled.
    keep it up man hetroweb,.


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