September 18, 2009

Google Against Internet Traffic Chokers

Hey Google has begun offering tools to expose intrnet sevice providers(ISPs) that choke traffic of shift user into slow lanes while allowing others to zip along at high speeds
The online search and advertising king is an unabashed champion of net neutrality in which all internet traffic is treated equally instead of letting service providers give preferential treatment to provileged clients.
Google worked with New America Foundation's Open Consortium, and academic researchers to create an online Measurement Lab(M-Lab) that researchers can use to detect internet traffic manipulation.
M-lab went to online last month with three diagnostics tools running on computer servers near Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.
The tools can help users diagnose common problems that might impair their broadband speed. ISPs such as Comcast have sparked Controversy by clandestinely throtting some traffic, such peer-to-peer file sharing.
ISPs argue that such measures are necessary to manage growing congestion on the internet highway.Google has been among those advocating against fettering online traffic, saying that dong so stifles internet innovation and growth. More diagnostic tool will be added results made public.


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