September 9, 2009

Google is Going to Dive in Ocean!-

Google has Launched an extention of google earth, which will allow web users to virtually explore the ocean with thousands of images of underwater landscapes.
Google Ocean, include in the newest version of google earth, will allow users to swim around underwater volcanoes, watch videos about exotic marine life,, read about nearby shipwrecks, contribute photos and watch unseen footage of historic ocean expeditions.
Footage of Polar bears, beluga whales, sea unchins and king penguins from the BBC's awrad winning series PLANET EARTH and THE BLUE PLANET will also be avaliabe.
Google Ocean was develped with an advisory council of more than 25 leading ocean advocates and scientists.
Ocean in Google Earth will a Global audience to follow the progress and findings of the Catlin Arctic Survey, and international scientific endeavour resloving the likely meltdonw date of the arctic ocean's sea ice cover.
In addition to ocean, Google also introduced other tool Google Earth 5.0 users, including Virtual time Travel, Where users can revisit the past and observe changes in areas where historical satelllite imagery is avaliable. For example users will be able to see Construction of Germany's Soccer Ground inthe in the buildup to 2006.
Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google Said:
"....biodiversity loss in our oceans in the next 20 to 30 years will be roughly equivalent to losing and entire Amazon Rainforest, but this goes unnoticed because we cant see it. This is why today's launch of Google Earth 5.0 is so Important"


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