September 14, 2009

Key of Your Traffic


In the Key of your Traffic posting i will show you, how you traffic is necessary and what is the key to your trafic.
In nowadays a bloggers and site makeres want to get a top ranking place in the Search Engines. so in the strggle of this Every Blogger have to try some new and many many Different methods to ptimize his Traffic and Boost It. so they chooses the Different Methodologies .
Here at Key to Your Traffic Artical from my experinence the Most important and wellknown Social Network is Stumbleupon.Com .
Ok let me tell you that When you post the new articals or a new Content or Your Old Existing  Content So You Should Stumble it (Up). means that you have to add a Url of the that Content or Post that you have made in Your Blog/site.
So Any thing that u want to Popularize your self or your Blog etc, You Must need a  Stumble's Account. which will help you.Ok so once you have done (Stumbling your Post), so try to Google it in Google.Com
after a days Normally it takes 1 or 2 to 3 days not more than it.. So you will  be amaz that your Post has been Crawled in Google by the Help of StumbleUpon.Com
2: Stumble Friends May Help You:
In StumbleUpon Go to Post or accourding to them  Add your Url and make a review on it. so thats it, then try to make a review on the Other Stumbler's Users and which will help get Traffic from them But you should tell them that in return they must have to Make review Upon your Post.So this way you will get Key to your Site./ Blog.
And Important thing to say that try to make more and more Stumbleupon friends........Because it is the Only way you can get Traffic from Stumbleupon.
(Artical posted by Faizimrd)

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