September 14, 2009

Traffic From BlogCatalog is Easy!

Hey hello here in the i will show you that how can you get traffic from Blog Catalog.
Here we go! if you are a new to Blogger.Com or Typepad etc. so it will help you(blog catalog).
Now i m gonna to teach you but 1st a little about BlogCatalog.
1: What is BlogCatalog?
BlogCatalog is the Community in which there are millions of the Bloggers who help each other. and like this this blogcatalog got popularity. it is now helping us.
2: How to Join BlogCatalog?
Ok its very easy as 123... that how can you join this. so you have to make your account in blogcatalog. and thats it. nothing more then there is dashboard for you. From where you can manage every thing.
registration when done so it will also ask about ur any blog if you have so sure you have a blog.
Ok so it is the main step that u have to provide ur url of the blog. it will give you ease to find you artical in google and more search engines.
so this way when you post any item in your blog so it will maintain it by self.
Now then you have to post some discussion in your dashboard area which the people will join and they will give their comment on it. so remember that put ur link in you post must.. to know them that u have some thing that u wana show to them.
So this way when the people at blogcatalog will see ur link and post so they will come over there to ur blog and u will get alot of the number of the TRAFFIC.
But do not put the useless link of your Blog ok keep it in mind otherwise you will ...............Cutted from there.
Thanks hope you got the idea. Artical posted by Faizimrd.

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