September 10, 2009

What if your Google Adsense Account is Banned.????

What if your Adsense Account is Banned?

I will show you that what if your adsense account is banned/closed by the GOOGLE. And you are worried about the earning you have made and about all the traffic to you website.
My dear I will tell the method that you can apply and make your money. Follow the following few steps
• First make your new blog with different name .
• Then put some content on it.
• You should post round about 50 posts at your blog
• Then apply for the Google adsense
• After the approval of your blog put google ads on your that blog
• And also put the google ads code that u can take from adsense account
• Then put that code in your old website which was banned.
Now so by following the above steps you can Again start your earning money but one thing should be kept in mind that don’t try to click on your ads. Because Google is Our Father and he can track every thing, i.e click, visitor etc etc……….Artical posted by FaiziMrd.


  1. i will try thanks for your posting.

  2. thanks for ur comment sportinggoodsstore!

  3. my uncle had his adsense banned by following your steps

  4. hey lost rose r u jocking with this blog ?????
    man it is proved method ........ how it is possible that your uncle's a/c is banned....??
    hetro is doing well ...

  5. it is great man i will try it must,,thanks for this

  6. wow very good it is very nice idea because mine was too helped me alot . thanks again.

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