September 14, 2009

Why to Choose 2 Column Template...Hetroweb.Blogspot

Most of the internet Users /Site Makers and many many Bloggers has a Choice that what kind of template should they use so the lmost of lthem often use 2 column template. it has alot of the Important Feature.
There is a Question Arises in mind that why to choose the 2 column template?
instead of the 3 or 1 single column template so the artical is going to describe it for you.
See the Important Feature for of 2 Column Template Below:
1: Nice and Clean Envoirment:
By using a 2 column template you can make a nice and clear enviorment to the your site or Blog. for the Posting of your any type of the content it will really help to your visitors and also to you.Because when visitor finds your blog easy to navigate so they will come back to your Site/Blog.
2: Earning Revenue:
For the Earning from the Advertizing companies like etc
you must have to have good Place for the placing of their ads in your site. so for this you have to choose the the 2 column template. also 3 is better but i suggest 2 column
When the Advertizer Gets Clicks and more Impressions so it will cause you earn. try it.
3: Easy for Navigation:
The 2 column template for your website or blog is really help you but also to your visitors. because they will easily navigate your site's blog's section. i.e you can provide them ease of finding your blog archives and much more post etc. they will love it. i telling this that i myself like it.So you have to think about it . it is main point to get your visitor.
Example: See the sites which is using 2 column template.
  • etc
(Artical posted by Faizimrd)


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