October 10, 2009

Digital Marketing or Online Marketing

Marketing, in its traditional offline form, is proving to be insufficient in today's fast-paced world.A little something extra is needed nd that something extra is now available to current generation of computer users as "DIGITAL MARKETING" or "ONLINE MARKETING".

Online marketing incorporates lmany facets and each aspect has its own special features and associated advantages. The Web contributes a plethora of opportunities to marketers through which they can analyse their audiences, choose advertising schemes based on consumer intersts, select different locations for different services - and it also provides an instant advertising medium that is accessible by all.
Besides advertising on the World Wide Web, mobile marketing has also made great headway in this age by directly marketing to each individual via text messages delivered en-masse.
With Web 2.0 tools avaliable, online marketing has taken a new turn, Companies can use these tools to create a significant online presence and attract customers from all over the world.
Pakistan has been a little late to takeoff when it comes to marketing in the digital age and many proponents feel there is a lot of catching up to do.Even so, there are businesses which have an excellent online presence. In assesses the potential of online marketing, its efficacy, and how pakistan is keeping up with digital marketing trends- both Web-Based and Mobile.
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