October 17, 2009

Guide How to Choose Netbook

Netbooks are one of the hottest trends in lightweight laptops as they offer a wide array of great features such as ultra-portability, convenience, and affordability. They can be a great choice for travelers, students, and anyone looking for a small, portable computer.However, net books come in different varieties and there are certain parameters that are critical in choosing one that fits your needs and
Here i will show my personal experience that i have gained and also surfed about it on the internet. so i found the Steps that should be taken....... Follow it.
Net books usually feature 512MB, 1GB or 2GB of computer memory. More memory means faster and better performance, Selecting a net book with more memory is one of the most effective ways to ensure enhanced performance and smoother multitasking. If you cant get a net book with more than 2GB of TAM initially, be sure to check that you can upgrade it later.
Storage Capacity:
Storage capacity can be either hard disk drives or solid state drives. The Benifits of having a SSD are that they consume less power, are less susceptible to corruption if dropped, and produce a lot less noise and heat. The downside is that they do not have a lot of storage capacity.They can be 16GB, 32GB or depending on how much you want to spend. Net books with traditional hard drives can go up to 160GB but these can heat up and consume more power.
Battery Life:
Typically, the battery life of a netbook ranges from one hour to almost ten hours.Depending on how important this feature is to you? you may want to consider a netbook with a longer battery life, which in turn can increase weight and size.
Netbook Size:
Netbooks are popular primarily because of their portability and light weight. For maximum comfort, buy a netbook with the size and weight that best suits you. Usually a screeen size smaller than 10-inches, although being ultra-portable, is too small and makes it quite difficult to do any real work on it. The second size is 10-inches,which has a much higher resolution and a comfortably sized keyboard. Currently, the largest netbooks screen size is 12-inches which is quite comfortable and has a very "easy on the fingers" keyboard. However, the larger the screen, the heavier and the more expensive the netbook.
The most popular processor these days are the Intel Atom Processors with speeds of up to 1.66Ghz. currently, the intel atom N280s is one of the fastest CPUs to be Installed in a Netbook.
Operating System:
This is completely a matter of personal preference. if you want a netbook mainly for professional usage, you may want to go the Windows XP as it is stable and has been proven to work flawlessly. if you are more of linux fan, you could go for Ubunto or any another version of the Linux.
Again i will say that choose the netbook that can be easilly upgraded later.


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