October 31, 2009

Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines| HetroWeb

As we know that SEO is very important issue for the bloggers and for any webmaster owner of his website.so for this purpose there are a lot of companies they claim that they can provide you the more and more traffic, visitors, and impressions etc etc.
Anyways there is a  point that SEO is best method which can increase your Blog’s organic traffic. For this purpose i suggest that a site owner must have a sitemap for his site, and here is a google’s free sitemap creator which give you of any mode sitemap. I.e XML,HTML…….

And this sitemap will be indexed soon in Major search engine. Like Google and also in yahoo etc but the soon means a Month.
So here is the link for making your sitemap for the site.
After making a sitemap of your site submit it to GOOGLE. So you will see your whole site will be indexed in the search engine.


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