October 14, 2009

Steps For Blogger | Blogger Achivement

The main and basic things that a blogger should must have to achive.
i will tell you about those points in few steps. and hope that if u follow and struggle for fulfilling this Points so You will not very soon but a bit of Progressive work will you done.
Now lets start the Points
    1. Minimum 15 Posts:
    The blogger should have the knowlege about the things to which he want to Publicize and about that thing he must have to 15 Posts. It is Must.
        2. Subscribed By 12 Vistitors:
    The blogger should have the Quality content in such away the users/visitors will Subscribe.
        3. Convince 10 Friends or any Body about your Blog:
    By this your blog will get vistors and this way not only your friends but also so many other people will know about u .through your that 10 friends that you have convinced. and it is easy not too hard.
        4.Getting Link from Another Blog/Site:
    By Getting link from the other sites will improve your site's visibility to the Visitors as well as Search Engines. It will need you just to make some Posting and or Threading in Different Fourms. Like www.ITDUNYA.com
    and www.BLOGGERHUB.com Here is a Big Big BlogCommunities available. The Most Famous is www.BLOGCATALOGE.com which will really help you.
    These are the Steps which will let you start from Slow to ...........Bla bla Bla


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