October 17, 2009

Top Microbloggers| Hetroweb

Nowaday every body is doing microblogging and delivering what is on their minds for this purpose there are the following big names of World of Microblogging.
I have founded the below ones very in, in the Web....so therefore i m sharing it here with you all.
  1. Twitter
This is probably the most popular microblogging service.it allows users to post their updates both via internet and via thier cell phones with SMS messeges.

    2.   Tumblr

Another interesting microblogging website, it allows users to share videos, photos and Web links, apart from Text.

    3.   MySay

Instead of writing you can Speak out your mind using your Mobile phone. This sound bite is recorded and can be shared with your "Followers"

   4.   Moodmill

You rate your mood along a color-coded scale and then compose a few words to accompany it.

   5.   I Rate my Day

This website requires you to "rate" the progress of your day on a scale from "Worst" to "Great".


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