November 23, 2009

AEE MiniDv | Tech | Gizmo

The AEE MiniDv is an extremely small formfactor camcorder. This little doohickey is a great little consumer electronic toy with a full feature set.The AEE MiniDV doesn't have a video preview screen,

but it does freature recording controls, micro SD storage (up to eight gigabytes of it), standard USB connection, internal lithium-ion battery,
and video recording at 640x480 at a 25-frame-per-second frame rate, which is not little by any stretch of the imagination. Video is recorded inAVI format with JPEG compression. While video quality may not quite match that of the Flip HD, the MD80 does have expandable memory that can be hot-swapped. its alot cheaper for a pretty much the same set of functions. Coming in at around 6,999 rupees. (retail price), The AEE MiniDV MD80 is quite a reasonable digital video camcorder device to own, whether for surveillance or making home videos.
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  1. it is great and very very small ......wish to buy


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