November 18, 2009

Blog Titles for Search Engines | Seo

Hello i will show you that how to optimize well the titles of the blogs for the Search engines.It really helps to the bloggers, siteowners etc.In their ranking and in search engines, mostly of the Blogs that i have seen so they have there titles unique and also optimize but they are facing some of the common problem with their titles. so here i will show you that how you can make your titles right and optimize for the Search Engines.
Here i will talk about the Bloggers because this problem is common in's Blogs. That "when ever we see at our title so in title the Name of OUR BLOG IS BEFORE FROM THE REAL POST'S TITLE" therefore we want to show first the title of the post and then the Blog's Title(name of blog).
Examples: Titles Before Editing

Follow the Steps
  1. Go to Blogger's dashboard
  2. Go to Layout then >>Edit Html
  3. And search for by pressing Ctrl+F
  4. and then replace the above code with this one 
below code so then save your template and you are done!

After Editing


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