November 15, 2009

Data Mine-ing

Human history is a testament to the miraculous achievments and progress, human intelligence is capable of . For the Past few decades, scientists have been striving to develop technologies that map human intelligence into discernable patterns, and the efforts have not gone to waste.

At present, there are such technologies which blur the line between Homo Sapiens and machines,
Data mining and Knowledge discovery is one such Technology data, Conver t it into information and ultimately derive valuable knowledge from it. However, data mining, with its ambitious role of eventually wangling wisdom from random data, still has a ling way to go. There are plenty of challenges and pitpalls to this technology. However the Benefit can prove to be Priceless.
Keeping in consideration the immense growth and adoption that data mining has achieved so far and, is speculted to achieve in the future, So I explore the background, implementation, tools and techniques that sum up this controversial Technology.


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