November 30, 2009

Google Adsense | Earning

Earning is the Need of Every Person in world. so therefore in Hetroweb's Blog i will here talk from the very very beginning and all about the Google Adsense, which is Greatest let see!!! 
As a website owner, you may decide that you wish to add Google AdSense advertising to your

What is Google AdSense?
You can think of 'AdSense' as a new business opportunity. It's completely free. Yes, it's

an opportunity for you to make money from your own website. The advertising programme is
made up of 2 key elements:

  1.   AdSense for Content
  2.   AdSense for Search

AdSense for Content:
Google AdSense is a quick and easy way for website owners to display Google Ads on their
website. When people visit your website and click the Google Ads, you get paid money.
The advertising served up by Google is related to what your visitors are looking for on
your site. In other words, it's context sensitive. For example, if your website is about
'recruitment', then you can be pretty sure that the presentation of 'Ads by Goooooogle' on
your site will also be about recruitment.
In fact, it's even better than that. Google AdSense is looking at the content of each and
every web page on your website. So, this means that the content of the Google Advertising
will align with the information on each web page in your site.
It's completely automatic and you don't need to worry about it.
AdSense for Search:
This feature will allow you to add a Google Search Bar to your own website. So, this means
that visitors to your website can use the Google Search Bar and search for information
contained in your site.
And what's more, when a search is performed, the search engine returns Google AdSense
advertising in the search results. Once again, it's fully automatic and the advertisements
are directly related to the search query.
Now here's the good bit! When people click your Search Ads (these are the sponsored ads),
you are paid money. It's a pay per click scheme, so you can make money as people use your
search bar.
For example, if you search for 'hotels on the moon', this means that the 'Ads by
' in the search results will also be about hotels on the moon.
Don't worry if you are not using search technology directly within your site. Once again,
it's all taken care of. For example, it will work perfectly well on a simple HTML site.
 How do I put Google AdSense on my Website?
Firstly, you need to SIGN-UP to Google AdSense.
Now, log into the AdSense toolkit and go to 'Content' or 'Search', according to your
preference. For example, if you wish to display some advertising in your site, go to
'AdSense for Content'
Select your options from:
 'Ad unit' or 'Link unit'
 Format Colours (Colour palettes - select a default palette or create a unique palette for
your own website)
Your AdSense Code (this is the code you will 'copy' and 'paste' onto your web page) Now, log into your toolkit at Quick on the Net and go to:
Edit the web page which where you intend to 'paste' in the code
Click on <>     Paste in the AdSense Code
Save the page Simple!
Now Relax and Make Some Money!
Have you done it yet? What are you waiting for? Make Money the Easy Way!



  1. dear can you tell me that we need how much visitors who already visit my site then we put there google addsence. means that before google adsence how much we need traffic on our site.


  2. Respected Brother Rizwan.
    I m realy sorry that u have ask about the visitors and i did not replied you.... it is because of my not availability i was on my job. any ways dear you have 200 or 250+ visitors who visits your site....... and thereafter if u want to apply for the adsense so it will be good for you..... thanks you may contact me at

  3. dear frnd myra blog ka 1300 vister per day han per muja account ni mila kun ka pakistan ma account layna musakl hi ni na mumkin ho gaya ha .. in ki term condtion boht musakl han .. taqreban 6 month sa mayra blog ka pr dy avreg 1000 vister rahya han ... is liya ab ya beckr ho gaya ha or koi baat ho to zaoror batna
    ya phr ap ka aps koi tariqa ha account layna ka to muja zaror bayna mari id per mail kr k thx


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