November 23, 2009

GScreen Spacebook G400 | Tech

Hello! i saw today a new Screen Laptop named GScreen Spacebook so i write about it here in Hetroweb's Blog. This is a new one for portable computing.

The spacebook is a fairly standard mid-range laptop with the exception of one feature it supports two screens
can work in display clone or extended desktop modes. The concept is great for professional media and content producers and designers that can't live without the extra screen for everyday productivity. The Alaska Based gScreen plans to make the Spacebook G400 avaliable for retail by December this Year. Expecited to weight more than the average laptop, the G400 is anticipated to carry some impressive hardware, including reportedly Core 2 Duo processors, four gigabytes of RAM, mobile Nvidia GForce900M graphics processors, 7,200 rpm harddrive and a six or nine-cell battery. With the dual-screen tie-in, the gScreen Spacebook gives even some of the Alienware lineup a run for their money. No pricing information for the Spacebook was made avaliable yet. but anyone interested can follow developments at the company's blog.
See Here:


  1. The Spacebook looks awesome. Great post.

  2. yes it is thanks for ur commenting Thompson

  3. space book is looking good and hope will become popular in market.....when it will be availabel ???

  4. Dear Fried! it will be soon and may be it come to market in last days of the December Thanks for ur commenting!

  5. i want to purchase it is available in market nice development


Thank You.