November 22, 2009

Jrijeme Digital Clock | EBlue

The E-blue Jrijeme is a digital clock and a USB docking station. The Jrijeme displays the time, date and room temprature on a Semi-transparent LCD pane much in the same as any other LCD digital clock. What makes the Jrijeme worth having on your work desk is the seven USB ports that come with it.

 With seven USB ports, you could leave a bunch of compatible gadgets
plugged in and charging or syncing at the same time. The Evo is a seven-port USB hub without the LCD clock. Why ? Obviously it wouldn't be sage to toss an exposed LCD pane into your laptop case when travelling, obviously. Both devices have a mini USB interface for a source connection from a computer or USB power adapter. T power the clock , you will need one AAA battery (which is not included in the package).The Jrijeme retails for about 2,100 rupees while the Evo will come under 1,500 rupees.


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