November 21, 2009

LCD or CRT ? | Buy LCD or CRT ?

How to choose that we should buy CRT or a LCD? is a very big issue for those who had never bought before. so here i will show the some mine experience thoughts... Which will help you.

Power usage:
Here, liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor gain precedence over cathode ray tube (CRT) ones. They consume half the power that CRT monitors do, and also produce less heat. Reduced power consumption translates into a smaller electricity bill this parameter is important for those who run their PCs for full 24 hours or even more.

Space Avaliability:
It is an estabilished fact that LCDs are much thinner and lighter, as well as more flexible than CRTs. They can save a lot of space as compared to CRT monitors.
This Factor depends on what the PC is going to be used for. if the usage centers on gaming, viewing TV, and images processing, a larger screen size is definitely required. If regular browsing and homework are your Activities, then a smaller size will do. LCDs come in larger sizes than CRTs--30 inches being the maximum size avaliable in here Pakistan. The CRT sizes range up to 19 inches.
As LCDs offer more advantages compared to CRTs.they are definitly more expensive. A 19 inch samsung 933SN (LCD) can costs around 31,500 rupees, while a 19 inches ViewSonic E96f+SB (CRT) may cost around 12,300 rupees.
Strain Factor:
Cornell university's research has shown that since there is no flicker in LCDsk, unlike CRTs, they do not produce extreme eye strain and eye fatigue. More research in needed into this aspect , though.
Resolution is the number of pixel used to draw an image. Higher resolution results in a sharper image. An LCD, screen can only display the number of pixels in its matrix and no more or less. the CRT supports the resolutions that match its pixel size and other lower resolutions as well.
Gaming Needs:
Even with all the advantages associated with LCDs, for hardcore gamers, CRTs are still the best option. This is because LCDs cannot redraw images as quickly as CRTs and have had issues in response time, and dot pitch.


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