November 29, 2009

Niche of the Bloggers | Choosing Niche

The internet is Global village and in this global village there are a lot of the Bloggers.
Who blogs and earn money through their written articles. So according to Needs of the new
bloggers there will be a confusion about what they should blog about ?(Niche)
How they can choose their Niche ?

So here in my Hetroweb’s Blog I will show you some tricky methods and the most common
issues about which you can blog/write and make a some Penny [$$$].
Follow the instructions in steps :

  1.  First thing to eliminate from your mind that the article which you is going to
  2. write will make a money for you.
  3.  Second then try to judge your self that if you were a user/visitor and you are
  4. searching for the material (that you are going to write)So what should you expect from the
  5. Writer. So keeping those points In your mind and try to write. Ok now lets talk about the
  6. Main issues about which you can write.
  7. Now day’s the multimedia products such as iPods, phone, psp, Xbox, play station,
  8. Pda and most commonly Cell phone are very in. So try to get knowledge about these things
  9. and not about only their Naming and version but also about their prices, availability and
  10. the different version of that products and then also if the tricks about them is available
  11. so put it also in your article.
  12. Another most important thing is to write about the tricks which may really you
  13. think that will amaze the visitors
  14. The most important issue which can help you 100% is that write about all those
  15. things which the bloggers face in the beginning i.e
  16. How to change the template of the Blogspot ?
  17. How to change favicon of the Blogger ?


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