November 12, 2009

Remove Counter From Label in Blogger

Today in Hetroweb i will show you that how we can remove the counter in front of Blogger's Label. In many many Blog templates there is a feature of category Label of Specific Category. in hetroweb you can see there is no counter.
And blogger's default templates has this feature already so it looks awkward . Therefore for removing a label in blogger template or any Self uploaded template follow the following steps.
  • Go to
  • Sign in to your Blogger's Dashboard.
  • Go to "Layout"
  • Then Select "Edit HTML"
  • Check "Expand Widgets"
  • Press Ctrl+F (in firefox) and search for this code [data:label.counter] (only the code in red color).
  • After finding this code Delete it.
  • Then Save you Template,Pressing Save Template
Picture Story:

I have removed it already so therefore it gives me the error of Red color in find in the firefox Search..Hetroweb



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