November 13, 2009

Twitter 101 For Beginners

Hey today i will i tell you all about the Twitter 101(Basics). In twitter many are using the shortcuts,Although there are many available resources that extol and decipher the utility of microblogging services, if you are still confused about he hows and whats of Twitter, here is some basic information about the popular microblogging service. One of the first thing about Twitter you will notice about twitter is that its users do throw around some bizarre sounding terms.

Fortunately knowing these terms is the first thing you need to know about how to use Twitter. Twitter is free Social messaging channel that enables its users to send and read other's updates know as tweets, to stay connected in real-time. Once just a fad, Twitter is developing into a powerful form of communication and is now considered to be the fastest growing social network.

The basic idea of Twitter is to allow users to broadcast short message limited to 140 characters, known as "tweets", to anyone who opts to receive them.its a free service that was designed with mobile phones in mind, but allows users to connect via Web, IM applications and also via numerous other Twitter applicaions as well Tweets are time stamped and listed in chronological order.
A series of tweets displayed on a twitter page.When you refresh the page, new tweets appear at the top of the timeline and older tweets scrolled down off the bottom.

When you follow someone on twitter that means you elect to see in your timeline the tweets that they list/post.

Twitter lists this in your profile as your "Following" statistics. your followers a.k.a your "Posse", "Tweeps", or "Tweeple". are the people who have chosen to view your tweets updates on their homepages.

What's with the @s ?:

To send a tweet which addresses a specific person, you make what is called a "reply". it is done by the using "@" sign and then the person's twitter user name. For example if you enter a tweet with "@Faizimrd" in its contents, it would show up in the Faizimrd's replies page on Twitter. Most of people put a person's twitter user name at the beginning of their tweet, but you can include it anywhere in your tweet.
RT  is an abbrivation for Retweet, which amounts to "repeat". it is like forwarding, only its for tweets instead of emails. if you see something really cool from one of the people you follow. you may want to Retweet it. so that the people you follow, you may want to Retweet it so that the people following you (and not the original person) can see it. Note that RT is slang, and not a system function. Twitter does not do anything special if you put in the RT and it is simply a way of giving recognition of the tweet of another "tweeple" that you find interesting.
How to not use replies:
its a not really that usefull, or for that matter convenient, to frequently reply "hal" "lol" or "so true" to something someone has tweeted. This can be annoying when a group of people with a similar interests follow each other and your well intentioned tweets begin to fill up someone's twitter feed. Also its not a good idea to reply without providing context. as to which tweet you're responding to.
Direct Messages:
A direct message is a private form of communication between two Twitter users. There are several different ways to send a direct message. The most common is to click on a user name in your Twitter feed and then on the right side of the page you will see a hyperlink to "message." Click that hyperlink, and a box will apear which will allow you to type a message that will only be visible to recipient and will not apear on the public timeline.
Twitter HASH tags[#]:
Hash tags or pound signs (#) help to designate topics that people might search to especially when they want to distinguish the word from a common phrase.
Twitter has a built in search engine that searches all tweets in the public timeline.
The URL, lets you carry out a simple search if you are looking for a simple keyword, but if you want to narrow that search to a location, person, date, or many other limiters, use the advanced search tool.
Twitter OH:
If you hear something funny or insightful, as opposed to reading it on Twitter, and you want to repeat it, you can prefix it with OH, which is shorter for overhead. Generally , this is used anonymosly, and for qouting people.
This is when a bunch of twitter users get together for an " in person " meeting or a "meet-up", twitter has a new official Tweetup Page.
If you are tempted to refer to Twitter users as Twists, dont. They prefer to be reffered as "Tweeple".


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