November 29, 2009

Wacom Intuos 4 | Tech

As is the case with most Wacom Products, the intuos 4 is a well-designed graphics tablet and Pen. Besides being a great tactile interaction pointing and input device for general computing, the Intuos 4 is obviously a very useful implement in an artist's toolbox.

A tablet interface makes painting much easier, faster, and more comfortable. It's more pleasent to hold and allow for more accurate input due to its pressure sensitivity. For an artist, photographer or animator, however, it is an essential. The Intuos 4 is a redesigned,more feature-rich update of Wacom's Intuos line of Professional Tablet/pens and its on the lower end range with a more affordable price.
Starting at a relatively reasonable 23,900 rupees, the new tablet includes new function buttons, programmable radial menus and a touch Ring, which is basically a toggle wheel for zooming into and out of images, changing brush sizes, and More..


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