December 1, 2009

5 Methods of Driving Traffic to Blog

In Hetroweb today i will discuss the most important and common issue of the Beginners Blogger or any site owner.That he needs a Traffic/visitors to his site. and he uses the alot of Sources for Driving traffic to his blog, and while he do not deserve that he want a real and organic traffic. i Have faced my self these kind of problems to getting traffic for my blog and how to drive traffic to blog... so here at last after a successful blogging period i m happy now because i have a Trafficy Blog.
Here i will share the Most important and Main Steps which will drive traffic to blog.

Traffic from Google:
The Traffic from Google is very easy but for the best result you will must have to be patient.Getting traffic from google needs some Tricks and Tweaks which you should know first. Here i will discuss some of the methods for getting traffic from google.
  1. Submit your Blog's URL to Google here.
  2. then check for the listing of your URL with in a Month.
  3. it sounds bad but it really takes time
  4. so be patient
  5. Second after Listing in Google's Search Add your Contents of the Site to Google Here.
  6. Then you will soon be listed in Google and also your contents and this way google will send traffic to your site
Yahoo Answers:
Yahoo Answers is the also most important medium for the traffic to blog or site. it really helped me too. i will here discuss all thing accourding to my self example becoz i have faced these problems. so i will share it with you. listen carefully that if you are New to blogging or Site owner so you should be involved in some of the major Communities like th Yahoo Answers. because here the people ask Q and A. so you should try to anser them not only answer you can put the Source of your answer so in that Source area put your blog link.
it will result to get traffic. follow the steps
  1. Login to your Yahoo Account
  2. Start Yahoo Answering or Asking Question (its up to you)
  3. Then be Good, Nice and Serious for the Answering and convince the Q asker.
  4. Always put your Blog's or Site's Link in Answer's Source.
  5. like a Signature
  6. So then see your Traffic.....
Forums in the internet is very wellknow word and it is like a Family House.....because all the members of that community met together and share their thoughts and ideas. so here i will suggest that you should also get involve in the Major Forums. you should post in the Forums and also Threading. so like this way you will be in the Notice of the other Members of that Forum. and they will come to see your blog. and will appreciate your work.....but the most important thing i  want to tell u that you must a content intresting, readiable, and informative.....but if not so then u will not get that kind of responce as you wished.. so try to put some intresting and New issues to you blog.
Important Forums:
  1. Digital Point Forum
  2. IT Dunya
  3. Webforumz
Video Site, YouTube, MetaCafe:
For driving traffic to your should do some thing new or may be old but in new shape that attract the visitors and up your Ranking/Traffic. Here i will suggest the Video sites like YouTube and MetaCafe . try to upload new videos which shows some thing about your blog. which is helpfull for the Viewers of the VideoSites. this will really help you.
Social Networking:
Mostly used word and Medium for driving traffic to Blog is Social Networking! so here i will suggest you that you should participate in the Social Networking Sites. Which helped me also and Hope that also will help you. there are alot of Social Bookmarking Sites and Social Networking Site.
  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Myspace
the top ranking sites are above listed try to Popularize your blog through them.
BookMarking Sites:
  1. Delicious
  2. Stumbleupon
  3. Digg
  4. Reddit

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