December 6, 2009

Flip Tv Share | Tech

Hello in a new tech update in Hetroweb's Blog. The Cisco's Flip division has announced about their newly designed accessory which is used for the popular Flip Mini-Camcorder, about the Mini Camcorder i got the info that it is sold about over 3.2 Million unit, in the passed year 2007 launch . Actully the FlipshareTV is a Kind of small box that can play about the 720-740P video on your TV or on HDTV.

The Flipshare TV device really comes with a USB dongle/jack and a remote that connects your computer with the Flipshare Base Station box. and with the help of this it connects with your TV.

The Flipshare comes with the own Software or a kind of Firmware. and the latest Version is Flipshare v5.0, which enhace our videos. and if even you dont have a Flip Camcorder so dont worry, you can watch the Shared videos online by your Friends and Family members.
The component which comes with Flipshare is a USB adapter and the Base station, which helps to connect each other via WiFi 802.11. but it not interconnect with another WiFi. it needs only same WiFi like as it is WiFi 8.02.11 .
Cisco is doing a great job and it is Facing big competitions from their competitors like Sony, Toshiba, Kodak and many others manufacturing companies. But the Manufacturers of the Flip is saying that it (Flipshare) will become very Popular than other products like this.The Flipshare software for the FlipTV device is actually Aimed that users will use the Youtube and Facebook like communitie's Videos in HD quality and the HD playing Capability is with Flip.
Flipshare Presents the Free applications for the Blackberry, Iphone and Android mobiles devices. it is Great Package.

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