December 1, 2009

Logitech PlayGear Amp | Tech

This playstation portable audio dock is not a brand new device but is still a great PSP accessory with an attractive price tag attached to it.

The PlayGrear Amp sports its own portable-sized, but neither is the playstation poratable. The PlayGear Amp's speakers and PSP dock are housed within the case, the speakers fold out to provider crakle space for a PSP. With the Playstation in the Amp, the two units seem to be
made for each other. the PlayGear unit has been made to perfectly complement the PSP. The amp is powered by battery as well as AV power supply and connects to the portable gaming device's headphone port for audio input. On battery, the PlayGear Amp will Continue working at loud volumes for over 24 hours, which is fairly impressive. Since it uses a standard audio jack, the Amp can also be connected to other audio devices so user won't feel tied down to a single-purpose device. The Logitech PlayGear Amp is available for a little over 3,500 rupees in retail.


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