December 3, 2009

SEO at a Glance | SEO-Blogging

In "Hetroweb's blog" here i will show you some basics and important feature of Seo. Which really helps to any Blogger in his Beginning and Advanced Level. therefore, my title is Seo at Glance will show u tips of seo in a short way, but very informative. So lets Start:

1: Keywords:
The keyword are those words which describes your blog's or site's Niche, Your Business and its Relevancy to your Blog. These words are called Keywords.
For Strong SEO try to Analyze your Keywords accourding to your Site. Use keyword Analyzers. and Use them Proper in Your Blog. Now also keep those
keywords which you think that people who may think about your blog's niche so put those keywords also in your blog in such a manner that Shows your Links in Search engines.
2: Keywords in Page Titles:
Here as i tolled above that analyze your keywords and Use them Proper. so here i will tell you that you should use your main main keywords in your Page Titles which looks preety cool. and more likly by Search Engines. So Try to Put your keywords in Your Pages Titles.
3: Keywords in URL:

According to my Discussion that use your keywords in your Page Titles, so here i would also suggest that use your keywords in your Pages URL. because the URL are mostly Crawled by the Most Search Engines.....who searchs for the Content of Sites.
so please use your keywords also in your Pages URLs.
4: Keywords in MetaData:
The Most important thing that i want to tell you that which should apply you in your Blog or Site....that  for Strong SEO always use the MetaData of your Site or Blog. Because MetaData Describes your Whole site's Niche that what about the Blog or Site is ?
So therefore try to make a use of the MetaData of Your Site or Blog must. and Put the Little of the Description about your site and the Keywords of your Blog. But in Limit.....Bcoz less is good.
5: Keywords in Heading 1[H1]:
The main keyword of your Blog or Site like your Main Keyword. E.g the Name or Title of your Blog or Site.
i.e "Hetroweb's Blog", but not really the blog title but try some thing else which describe your content's niche. the Important thing about the H1 is that it is Quickly and 90 % in 100 % is crawled by the Search Engines. that why i m suggesting you about the use of HEADING 1.
6: Keywords in Content:
In this topic i will tell about the keyword's use in your Contents. because if you have a content which is posted in your blog or site so you should also put the Main keyword in your content in such a way that it look good not be spammy. and the Keywords that are in your content will drive more and more traffic from search engines to you.
7 Use Analytics:

Always use the Analytics Software which will tell you about your site's progress and performance as well as about the visitors to your site.......and Keywords use by them for reaching to your site. and also the Medium througn which they came to your site....i will suggest you to use Google's Analytics System it is Great and Awesome.
By using Analytics you will know about the Visitors Need that what they need in your Blog or Site so by Having a Analytics Reports it will be Easy for you to Figure out that what are the needs of Visitors.


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