December 22, 2011

Storing Data in Your Fingure Nails | HetroWeb

Finger Nail storage is actually a method of writing data on the human body parts. specially finger, and the data is written by a special equipment which is called "Pulsed Laser".
Actually the florescence of the nails are when bring into the Ultra Violet Rays called UV Rays, at that time through the pulsed laser data is written and for reading that data nails are exposed to Ultra Violet radiations data is to be read.
The Student Youshio Hayasaki of Tokushima University, Japan has done many researches
on the regions of the Single Nail and calculated some actual Facts & Figures. which shows us that how much data in how much area/region of the Nail can be stored. The data storage area on the nail is in millimeter and nanometer.
The nail has a limited life because it grows out. The average life of human body's nail is about Six (06) months in which the nails of the human are completely replaced, and also the nails are clipped with a short intervals, i.e. people normally clips their nails after 4-5 days in week. therefore the data may be lost. BUT the main reason about storing data in finger nails are for emergency uses E.g. clinical, medical reports and Confidential Reports.


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