January 4, 2012

Add a Custom Tab to your Facebook Page

By default, when someone visits a facebook page, they land on the page’s wall tab. However, can be easily altered in fact, you can get anyone visiting

the page to land on any other tab. Simply click on Edit Page and look for the Change Default Landing Tab option. It is recommended that you change

the default landing tab, as well as create custom tab. This makes your Facebook page more dynamic and customized; it tells people more about your

brad and links them to your website, Twitter account, or anything else that you might want new users to see.
You do not need to know Facebook Markup language (FBML) to create a custom tab. You can create a simple HTML/CSS static page

and add it as an iFrame in your landing tab. You can do lots of things by using. HTML/CSS; you can add images, embed videos, create forms and

make your tab inviting and attractive. Here is how:
Write your static iFrame tab using HTML/CSS. If you don’t know HTML/CSS, then you can use a HTML/CSS editor (such as Dreamweaver,

Bluefish, or Web-Based Real time HTML editor) and create your page.
1. Login to your facebook account, and conduct a search for the Static iFrame Tab.
2. Next, go to the Static iframe application page and click on Install Page tab.
3. Choose the page where you want ot add the landing tab and it will be installed there.
4. Now go to your Facebook page. You will see the new tab as Welcome tab in your page’s sidebar.
5. Click on the Welcome tab and then click on settings. In the box you can create your page by copy pasting HTML/CSS code from your

HTML editor.
For those who simply don’t want to go through HTML/CSS, there are third party applications that can be used to create a custom tab for your

Facebook page.
A third party app can help you can create a more interactive Facebook SDK-based custom tab, where you can add features such as Like Box, Social

Plug-ins and Comments. A downside of these apps is that they display their advertisements on your landing tab.


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