February 17, 2012

Play PowerPoint Presentation on FaceBook Wall

Yesterday i received an email from the AuthorStream.Com whose title was "Run PowerPoint Slideshows on your Facebook Wall" i got amused to saw that title, i got that this feature will make a lot of users to Share their Powerpoint Slides in the Facebook Environment without facing any difficulty and it would causes a very large and good impact on our life because in one place i.e. on Facebook we can share our pictures, videos and now even Our Presentation Slides as well. It is really a Great effort of "AuthorStream".
The body of the email sent by Author Stream is:
"You’ve made some really GREAT PowerPoint presentations. Share’em on your Facebook wall, just like you share YouTube videos, personal pictures and comments. Yes, that’s right, authorSTREAM lets you post presentations on your Facebook wall.Your Facebook friends see the presentation in their news feed and play right there on the wall. The steps are pretty straight forward.Simply copy the URL of the presentation you want to share, paste on your Facebook wall and click on Post. The presentation is shared. You can even click on the Like button from the left side of your presentation player and it’ll get shared on Facebook automatically."



  1. well done faizan.. you are sharing great things..


Thank You.