February 26, 2013

5 Most Common and Unusual Phobia

The Term Phobia is very common to those who have some sort of allergies or in real mean Phobia. While Phobia is rare for those who don’t have it J. “Experiencing the crazy (irrational) Fears” is Called Phobia. From different researches the value has been found that about 11 % of the people are usually encountered by Phobia at some points.
The most common Phobias you & me would have seen that most of the individuals are afraid of: -
·         Coming in front of Dogs,
·         Facing their Parents, Teachers even their family members.
·         Fear of Lizards,
·         Fear of colors,
·         Fear of being social.
·         Fear of jumping, swimming.
Different medical experts have said that Phobias are caused by some painful events in childhood which we don’t even remember. The most unusual Phobias are discussed below:
1.    Fear of Injection/Needles – (Aichmophobia):
The most common phobia ever seen in the world is the fear of Needles. Most of the children & adults are afraid of needles, which they even know that it is a medical cure for their health but they feel fear. J (Interesting thing is that I also have such Phobia of Needles).
2.    Fear of Heights – (Acrophobia) :
Looking downward from the very top buildings or from down to upward people get their heads in hands. They become unconscious.
3.    Fear of Scratches – Amychophobia:
People mostly are allergic of scratches. That may be scratching paper, walls etc. it is the most common and seen Phobia.
4.    Fear of Chewing Gum – Chiclephobia:
It will seem very odd to all of you that most of the people are having phobia of chewing gum. One of the celebrity (Oprah Winfrey) has this phobia and she even don’t allow the person having chewing gum in their pockets. How strange?
5.    Fear of Paper – Papyrophobia:
Now this is most difficult situation when a person is having Papyrophobia. The well-known Hollywood Celebrity Megan Fox has admitted that she has a fear of Paper. i.e. from Blank Paper, paper thorn or scratched by some body.
In this case my little suggestion and advice is that please don’t ever try to rule the Phobia on your mind in real in your life. Because we have the control on our emotions and feelings. So we can also control and remove the Phobia etc. from our lives. 
Share in comments if you have any Phobia.
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