July 23, 2017

How to Make Your Own Free WordPress Website in URDU HINDI Part - 2

Hey friends, today in Faizan Qadeer's Official Channel i am sharing the urdu hindi video tutorial part 2 about how to make your own free wordpress website in urdu hindi? Yes, most the Begginers are searching for free wordpress website making videos in urdu - hindi, so specially for those viewers this video would be very beneficial. As the language used in this video is simple urdu, which every asian citizen can understand.
In this video tutorial i have showen that how you can access free websites for making your own website, i.e. www.000webhost.com which is very common and trendy website nowadays. So with the help of 000webhost you upload your own website (if you are i advance level) and also can make your own website through their own website builder facility and also you can install the CMS called WORDPRESS on the hosting server.
This video tutorial has also covered the editing of different option pages and themem editing etc. so that any one who have a little bit of web knowledge so that he can acheive what he want through this learning urdu hindi tutorial.
this video tutorial has covered the editing and modification of the wordpress websites, themes and different pages in website.i hope you guys would understand, learn and enjoy it very well.
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