October 17, 2009

Cloud 1.0 | Browser+OS

Hey hello Every body today i have founded some thing interesting. i.e about the "CLOUD" not the Sky's Cloud but the New Browser+OS which will be launced soon.it is fact and Very soon the Versions will be available for the Downloads and for Buying.
Accourding to the Site(http://www.thinkgos.com/)that" We have combined simple design and sophisticated technology to creat cloud, one of the World's simplest OS. For Surfing Web, emails and Chat".
Cloud has the Ability which a Desktop can perform and the interesting thing is that Cloud 1.0 just boots into a Webbrowser. So it is very very nice for the Netbooks and Mobiles.
Accourding to their site any Alpha, Beta version is not available for Selling,Buying and for Downloading in Markets.
Open for Customisation:
Cloud 1.0 will be fully customizable for the users. so they will be able to customize it on their own desire.........in short the cloud is full of nice feathers.
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