October 18, 2009

Jolicloud Linux OS | Hetroweb

Jolicloud is another linux-based OS focussed on Web applications, but what's different about the mix is that it's built for specificially for Net Books. i.e reletively low-powered computers with limited hard disk space. Its user interface (UI) is designed for limited screen real estate

and low power processors with the overall objective of getting the user to thier Web application of choice with as little OS cruft as possible. It relies on applications like WINE, ADOBE AIR and MOZILLA Prism to provide a window to Web apps such as Gmail, Facebok, Zoho Suit, etc. Jolicloud is an internet Operating System and so, the same drawbacks apply; users aren't necessarily connected online 24x7 and not everyone can trust the cloud without with all of their data. Still, it is an intersting comcept in the evolution os OS design and for a secondary computer-- as most netbooks usually are Jolicloud is a great idea.....



  1. the jolicloud is very very nice . it is looking very beautiful.....thanks for the sharing..

  2. Great post it is not Jolicloud it is Heaven Cloud..


Thank You.