November 4, 2009

Microsoft Windows 7 | Final Release

Microsoft's much heralded windows 7 operating system made is global debut last month. Feedback from millions of test users of windows 7 has Microsoft confident they have hit the mark with the new-generation operating system, which repotedly logged more pre-orders in Britain than did the final harry potter book.Microsoft also celebrated the availability of Windows 7 with parties and by opening its first retail shop in the US city of Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Shop features laptops, Netbooks, Zune Players, Xbox 360 video games consoles, and mobiles phones running on Microsoft Software.
Microsoft releases windows 7 to the world as it tries to regain its stried after an embarrassing stumble with the previous generation operating sytem Vista. Whilw computer users may not give mush thought to operating systems that server as the brains of their machines, the programs are at the heart of Microsoft's Global Software Empire, Microsoft Operating Systems run on more than 90 Per cent of the computers in the World.


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